In the final installment of True Tales, Pamela Ribon, Fielding Edlow, Taylor Orci, Amy Dresner and Sara Benincasa joined Anna David to share about disgusting massages, childhood and doctor crushes, one night stands and affairs with younger men and musicians. Thank you for your support over the years!

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Laura House, Meghan Daum, Vanessa Marshall, Janie Haddad Tompkins and Anna David read essays from the just-released True Tales of Lust and Love book, telling audience members what TV has to do with relationships, how to grin and bear it when you've committed to a one-night stand, what can happen when you leave a man alone with a cat box, how a straight woman can learn to love strippers and what to do when your models for romance came from the movie Grease.

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Hailey Boyle, Erika Schickel, Eric Martin and Greg Behrendt join Anna David for a night of tales about interracial dating, lesbian experiences, strip poker and how a conversation with a hotel operator can change the way you approach relationships.

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Ruby Young, Janie Haddad Tompkins, Karen Kilgariff and Annabelle Gurwitch join Anna David for a night of tales about obsessive love, seducing security guards, oversharing, re-connecting with sexuality, swingers and more at True Tales of Lust and Love.

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Justine Barron, Missi Pyle, Annie Girard and Laura House talk losing one's virginity in a truly original way, what happens when your choir teacher becomes your step-mom, how to handle getting dumped for a celebrity, being really bad at breaking up and getting to meet Oprah when you truly love her in Anna David and Eric Martin's monthly storytelling show.

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Alison Agosti, Taylor Orci, Rachel Shukert and Laura Krafft talk bad sex, dating younger men, near-sex with dirty Italians, dry spells and set-ups gone awry at Anna David and Eric Martin's monthly storytelling show.

Direct download: TTOLL9-13-13.mp3
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Jillian Lauren, Fielding Edlow, Claire Titelman and Jackie Kashian join Anna David and Eric Martin for a night of tales about tattoos in private places, dating losers, Craigslist casual encounters, unconditional love and fantasy relationships. Now at MBar in Hollywood. See truetalesoflustandlove for information about future shows.

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Chellis Ying, Janie Haddad Tompkins, Lauren McGuire and Laura House join Anna David and Eric Martin for a night of tales about the first time you see manscaping in the flesh, the importance of a silk robe during phone sex, where a woman's monthly cycle and sex should not meet, the highs and lows of falling for good-looking drummers and whether or not disclosing the fact that you have an STD can work as a truth serum.

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Paul F. Tompkins, Brian Finkelstein, Dave Ross, DC Pierson and Eric Martin join Anna David for the first-ever all-male True Tales of Lust and Love, where they detail the dangers of joke proposals, taking advantage of the fact that you look like Fred Savage, falling for the same type over and over again, high school infedility and making bad break-ups worse.

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Cole Kazdin, Kelly Carlin, Claire Titelman and Alison Agosti join Anna David and Eric Martin for a night of tales about the dangers of: porn sets, hooking up with teen idols, long breakups for short relationships, one night stands and loving a car while lusting after a man.

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